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Modern Muse Photography

Sally loves to photograph newborns - it is one of her favorite photo sessions! It is very challenging and there is some prep and planning that needs to be done to ensure a successful shoot. So go ahead and read the tips below and let us know if you have any additional questions.

Sally prefers newborn sessions to be scheduled before baby's birth so that she can hold the session on her calendar. Contact us before the end of your second trimester and provide us with your due date. We realize that not many babies arrive exactly on their due date, but we keep several slots around that time open.

Newborn sessions must take place within the first 10 days from the date of birth. They are definitely more sleepy then and easier to pose and experience has shown us that they tend to do much better within the first 7 days.

Photo sessions will take place either at Sally's home using natural light, or the baby studio (depending upon availability). We ask that you dress for a warm location as we crank the heat up to keep baby lovely and cosy! Dress your baby in lose clothing that will not leave imprints on the skin (nothing elasticated please).

Feed and change baby 30 minutes to your arrival time and then we will offer time to top up before the session starts and then as and when needed during the session. Due to each baby being an individual, the session can take between 1 and 4 hours depending upon whether they need additional changing/feeding time. We like mom and dad to use this time to relax, even nap a little if you need to!

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